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Evansfire - Hardback

Evansfire - Hardback

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She thought this world was just a she's fighting for her life to get out of it...

Hale McCormack grew up hearing amazing tales of a magical world filled with fantastic creatures, untold wonders, and extraordinary adventures. Little did she know, all of Grams’ stories were true…

Drawn by fate, her carefully planned life is upended when she’s thrust headlong into a fantasy world that is anything but a fairytale. Chosen as a Champion in the Althurian Trials (a life-or-death battle against mythical creatures and magical beings), her only hope of survival lies with Davis, the king’s own Magi who will do anything to be free. But his help doesn’t come without a price…

Is she willing to pay it to survive the Trials and find her way back home?

*This is a YOUNG ADULT novel*

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