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Carpe F*cking Diem

Carpe F*cking Diem

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A contemporary romance novel about love, loss, and seizing the day—no matter how scary or painful that might be.

Savannah Riley is really tired of hearing that time heals all wounds. It’s been almost eight years and her wounds are far from healed, though she’s navigating her trauma the best she can. Despite all that, she’s decided to look for the good in the world, to take everything the universe dishes out and turn it into an opportunity to embrace. Never would she have imagined that one of those opportunities would be meeting Hollywood heartthrob Lincoln Ashmore…or falling in love with him.

In the small southern town of Sandlapper Cove to film a new movie, Link figures he’ll get a little break from his chaotic life in L.A., some stunning scenic views, and maybe a tan. But what he gets instead is so much more than he could have bargained for: the love of his life.

Will her past be too much for Lincoln to handle?

Will life in the spotlight be too much for Savannah?

Only one way to find out: Carpe f*cking diem.

*This is an ADULT contemporary romance novel*

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