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A dark and spicy Red Riding Hood retelling you didn’t know you needed!

They don’t go into the woods…

Every full moon, the Beast rises within the woods. Every full moon, some poor soul is sent into that forsaken forest as a sacrifice. Every full moon, the village holds its collective breath that the sacrifice will be enough. Any other time, the woods are supposed to be safe, but no one dares take a chance.

Not until Sloane Whelan.

When she runs afoul of a whole different type of monster within the village walls, she must make a choice: stay and face certain death as the next sacrifice to the Beast, or flee into the cursed woods with the slim hope of finding the grandmother who abandoned her as a child before the full moon rises.

With nothing but her infamous red riding cloak on her back, Sloane makes the decision to run for her life, straight into the unknown.

She soon finds that the woods are far more vast than she imagined, and the Beast isn’t the only danger waiting. Just when all seems lost, a devilishly handsome stranger saves her life and offers her sanctuary within his home. Despite his best efforts, the fiery connection between them cannot be denied. But dark secrets and even darker magic surround Garrett and his home, secrets that could tear the first bit of happiness Sloane has ever known apart at the seams.

What will she risk to save the man she loves?


*This is an ADULT paranormal romance**

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