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*PREORDER* - Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Right Viscount.

*PREORDER* - Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Right Viscount.

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Men are trash.

Well, Elle Montgomery’s cheating fiancé is at any rate. When a surprise visit goes horribly wrong and she catches him red-handed, she wants to get as far from him as humanly possible—but two hundred years into the past seems a little excessive. By a twist of fate she can’t explain, Elle is thrust back in time, finding herself in Regency Era, England. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough already, now Elle must take part in the social season of high society London. She agrees to go through the motions, but with zero desire to so much as dip a toe near the dating pool again (in this century or any other), the idea of being pursued relentlessly for months on end isn’t exactly appealing—especially by someone like Alexander Kentworth.

Alec Kentworth, future viscount and all-around rake, has no desire to take a bride or entertain the ridiculous customs of the social season, but when his father requests his presence, he cannot refuse. After a rocky first encounter with the mysterious newcomer to the Ton, Eleanor Montgomery, the two find common ground: he has no desire to actually court anyone, and she has no desire to be courted. The two strike a deal to begin a false courtship. It’s the perfect plan—until their farce turns into friendship, and then into something so much more.

But can Elle possibly trust him with her secret? Could she possibly hope that he’d believe her? Did she travel two hundred years into the past to find her soulmate, only to have him remain just out of reach?

 Only time will tell…

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