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Dark Burning

Dark Burning

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The God of the Underworld. A prophecy. The Queen returned.

Happily ever after had not been in the cards for Hades and his bride. Persephone, resentful of being trapped in the Underworld, betrayed Hades to his greatest enemy…and wound up murdered in the process. But an ancient prophecy foretold her return. Only then could Hades hope to finally win the war for the Underworld. He’s been patiently waiting for thousands of years, biding his time until her return, for the chance to defeat his foes and get a little revenge on his former wife…

Now, he’s finally found her reincarnate in the stunning and deadly Skylar Pembroke. Highly trained, exceptionally stubborn, and oblivious to her past life, Skylar does not take well to being kidnapped by a God…no matter how brutally handsome he may be or how often she’s dreamt of him in the past…

Now Hades must put his hatred of Persephone behind him, convince the femme fatale to marry him, and stop himself from falling for her all over again in the process…

What could possibly go wrong?
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