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Puck the Holidays

Puck the Holidays

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A holiday hockey romance that will make you laugh, swoon, clutch your pearls, and believe in holiday magic.

Hattie McNamara, a southern girl born and bred, has never seen a hockey game in her life, but when the offer to become the Seattle Vipers’ new Assistant Director of Media and Marketing lands in her lap, she can’t possibly say no. Leaving Texas and her unhinged ex in the rearview is just what the doctor ordered. Now, she’s in a new town, a new time zone, a new climate for crying out loud, and feeling very alone. That is, until she meets star goalie, Connor Shepherd. He’s so good looking it should be a crime and they have an intense connection, but the last thing she needs is a new relationship on top of everything else. The chemistry between them can’t be denied though, and the two become fast friends—and nothing more. No benefits. No dating. Just friends…

When Connor finds out that Hattie despises his favorite holiday, he takes it as a challenge to change her opinion and make her love Christmas—and Connor Shepherd doesn’t back down from a challenge. They’ve both agreed that dating isn’t on the agenda, but the more time they spend together, the more Connor falls. His life isn’t exactly uncomplicated these days, so trying for more with Hattie may not be a good idea—or it could turn out to the best one he’s ever had.

Will Hattie fall in love with Christmas…and maybe Connor too?

Find out in Puck the Holidays!
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